Encounter Christian Church is a non-denomination Christian church. The vision for a new church in SW Cedar Rapids was initiated by the Christian Evangelistic Mission of Iowa. ( They have been starting new churches in Iowa for 50 years.

In the fall of 2004, Encounter started having services in the Roosevelt Middle School. Soon we moved to the Clarion Hotel in SW Cedar Rapids. Then we finally landed about a year later in the Wynnsong 12 movie theater on Edgewood Rd SW (now the AMC). In the spring of 2009, we were blessed to begin sharing space in the Ellis Park Church of God building at 2260 Edgewood Rd NW.

Encounter Christian Church stems from the Restoration Movement that began in the late 1800's as a desire to restore Christianity to the pattern of the New Testament Church. It is our goal to simply use the Bible as our guide and let the Holy Spirit lead us in becoming more like Jesus Christ. We desire to be the Bride of Christ, preparing for the second coming of Jesus.

It is our goal in everything we do at Encounter Christian Church to truly encounter Jesus. We think this is so important that we based our name on the idea. We want to encounter the presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit as we learn to hear God's voice and feel His presence. This is another way to say our heart is focused on REVIVAL!

Today we have roughly 80 members with nearly 60 in average weekly attendance at our service. We are a younger crowd but are very blessed to have some mature believers in Christ with great wisdom in our church.